Saturday, May 17, 2014

EXAMS ARE OVER, Youtube, And EXO's Kris

GAHHH MY EXAMS ARE OVERRR !! I took my last AP exam on Thursday and I was just like fuck it...I'm Christmas Treeing. I wasn't going to pass that exam anyways. It was Microeconomics by the way. So its basically summer for me now. I just have 3 more days of school left and that's it ! I'm done with high school forever !!! Wow, its amazing. When my teachers and friends told me how fast high school flies by, they weren't kidding. These past 3 years were a blur to me and I cannot believe that I'm graduating high school and moving onto college...I remember thinking about this day when I was in 4th grade. How I was going to go to middle school then high school in just a few years. But now here I am, on my way to college.  Its a great yet scary feeling. I'm still unsure of my career choice and I don't know where I will end up in 10 years. Theres so much to think about and plan, its overwhelming. Hopefully I choose the right path and I will get far in life.

So a few days ago I was roaming around on Tumblr and you know Tumblr...its basically the news for kpop. I figure out EVERYTHING on Tumblr, and I figured out some horrible news. Apparently EXO's Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment for violation of his rights and a possible termination of his contract. To be honest, I was not shocked. This has happened before in SM with Hangeng and TVXQ. SM is a company that makes slavery legal in my opinion. I bet a lot of people weren't surprise either. SM has a history of bad treatment of their idols. Overworking, lack of food, and even abuse.

The one thing that I heard about was the members having their phones taken away by staff and unfollowing Kris on Instagram. Baekhyun was the only member that didn't unfollow Kris because he lied about leaving his phone in the studio, but later got found out and slapped because of it. I don't know how true this is, but yet again, I wouldn't be surprised if this actually happened. I'm still not sure about the whole situation but I
applaud Kris for standing up for himself and having the courage to fight for his rights. He's smart enough to realize that his body isn't a machine that can run 24/7 and did something about it. Kris, I support you all the way and I hope you realize that millions are also watching over you. I hope EXO makes it out of this situation smoothly, but I  doubt everything is going to be the same anymore..

My package hasn't come in also. If you read my last diary post, I bought a pair of contact lenses the day after gradbash which was on the 28 of April. Its been a few days over 2 weeks and it still hasn't arrived. I checked the website and it says that it has been shipped. I'm not going to tell you guys the company until I actually receive the package and do a review just because its easier for me to do so. but i seriously hope that they come in soon. So depressing, that means I only get to wear them for 3 days next week if they come in the next 2 days because school ends for me on Wednesday.

I'M STARTING A YOUTUBE CHANNEL TOO! This channel is going to be dedicated to Kpop dance videos. This will be my first YouTube video ever and I hope It comes out well. I sadly don't have a camera to record it on so I'm using my iPhone 4 camera.. so noobish. Wait, I just realized that my grandma has a camera that I can use....maybe she will let me use it ?!?!? lolol. But I really want to get a good HD camera soon. I have my eyes set on the Sony NEX 5t. Its about $500 and it comes with a tripod, extra batteries, additional storage, built in Wi-Fi, and so much more ! I'm aiming to rack up $500 during graduation LOL. Im inviting my rich family members and hoping that they give me money as a graduation gift. I'm so cunning.

Since I have absolutely nothing to do for school now, I'm getting back into gaming. I started playing Maplestory again yesterday and they are currently celebrating their 9th anniversary. I remember playing Maplestory way back in elementary school too ! But Maple isn't as fun for me as it used to. I played for about 1 hour before I got really bored and logged out. I usually get bored once I hit level 132, and then quit playing for 2 years. Meh, I just play to get free stuff for my characters. Events are awesome.



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