Monday, May 19, 2014

RIP Ms.Shoeman

Today I learned that my English teacher passed away. It was so sudden..Rumors were going around today during 5th period and I instantly picked up the word "died." After that, I just started putting up the worst scenarios in my head. My first thought was correct. My English teacher was the one that passed away. We tried asking the teachers about who died, but they wouldn't tell us and insisted that we would find out tomorrow. I get off school after 5th and when the bell rang, everyone was talking about it. It wasn't until I got home a few minutes later that I found out via Tampa Bay Times that it was indeed her.

My mood is so gloomy. This morning I was so excited to graduate since seniors get off school on Wednesday, but now..I just don't know. When my class was standing outside her room today waiting for her to open the door we just thought she was in the restroom like how she always was or talking to another teacher. This was normal for her. Every 3rd period, she would be away in the restroom or just chatting and we would patiently wait for her outside her door, so we thought this was normal. But she never came and we ended up going to another teachers room for the period. I didn't expect this to happen, especially just a few days before seniors leave.

 I was looking forward to those last few days with her and even got her English assignment done on the movie that we just finished last Friday. I feel like we have lost too much people. We just lost Mrs. Weaver to breast cancer this school year and now Ms. Shoeman. Two amazing women that deserved so much more respect and love. Life isn't fair. I feel sorry, but nothing was my fault and I can't do anything but write this blog post and dedicate it to her.

 Ms. Shoeman, you are not going to read this but I want to tell you that you were an amazing English teacher and I'm so glad that you stuck it out with us. I know that we were a bit goofy and a bunch of us didn't turn in all our work in time but you were forgiving and always extended the time limits just to save our grades. I still remember when we would talk about poetry and always complain about how its always about love and death. You also told us that we were going to read a happy poem, but that never happened and we still read about death, haha. Remember in Waiting for Godot we thought they were gay and how we burst in laughter when they wanted to hang themselves to get an erection.We never got to finish "Their Eyes Were Watching God" either, but I will finish reading it for you because you said that you wanted us to read it and that it was a really great book. And sorry for writing "Billy" instead of "Willy" on the AP Exam. It was a stupid mistake even though you made us do those paragraphs on all the books we read just so we can have an advantage on the AP exam and retain all the info we needed. But just like how we said in class, your 3rd period is your favorite period right ? We are a bunch of goofballs and I've never seen a teacher laugh so much and so brightly as you did when we were with you. Thank you again, for making my senior year so enjoyable. I have never had so much fun in an English class as much as I did with you. I absolutely did not regret having you as my AP English Literature and Composition teacher and I wish I was able to tell you all of this is person. I hope you are watching us from above during graduation. I'm going to miss you. Thank you so much and rest in peace.



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