Saturday, May 10, 2014

Black Bullet, Buzzagent, and Kpop.

Okay so I just got into this new anime called Black Bullet ! Its so exciting and pretty new ! There are only about 4 episodes out so far ? URGG, I usually only watch anime that have a completed season so I don't have to wait for episodes but this anime is amazing and all the characters are so beautifully drawn.  Let me just ramble a bit...

So the anime takes place in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2021 after the would has been taken over by a virus called Gastrea. Yes, its taking on that typical genre of Apocalypse, but they do a pretty good job at it. If you are infected with the virus, you basically explode and turn into a huge ugly monster. Anyways, all of Tokyo is locked into these special barriers made out of varanium which repel the monsters and can be used as weapons to kill them. The thing that drew me into the anime was the little girls. In the anime, there are these little girls who have crazy superpowers because of the virus, but that's because they are able to control it and use it to their advantage. I won't spoil too much of the anime to you guys but I hope its enough to get you into watching it.

So have you guys ever had those times when you buy something on the Internet and the wait feels like FOREVER ? That's me right now. I bought a pair of circle lenses online on the 27th of last month and they have not arrived yet. Most people who ordered from the website said that it came within a week and a half but there was one person who said they forgot to ship it. To be honest its only been a little over a week but it feels like 2 weeks. It should be coming soon and by then I'll have a product review for you guys !

I also got invited to another campaign for Bzzagent! For those of you who don't know what Bzzagent is, its a website where you take surveys and they match you to certain products and invite you to campaigns where you get free things to review and try out. In my last campaign I got invited to review Bic's Soleil Glow razors and they were AMAZING! This time I got invited to try out Paula's Choice Clear Acne Kit. It should arrive soon and I'll also have a product review for this skincare kit.

Oh and about my AP Exams. I screwed up.... I took my AP Literature and Composition Exam on Thursday and on one of the FRQ's I got the name of the main character wrong......HIS NAME WAS WILLY NOT BILLY! Ohhhmyyygooossshhh...I was so pissed off. I couldn't remember the name of the author either until after the exam. So I think I got a solid 2 on that depressing. 

On the bright side I only have 3 exams left to take before its all over and I get to graduate. There is still so much that I have to prepare for. I have to finish enrolling to college, finalize everything from high school, get shots, and pack for summer vacation because im flying out to Kansas and California. 

I'm also thinking about starting a Youtube channel for Kpop dances. Everyone always tells me how great of a dancer I am, so I'm taking that into consideration. But I don't have a camera to record the videos besides my iPhone...I wanted to buy a Sony NEX 5T but those are like $500. Hopefully I make enough money over the summer for one of those bad boys :]



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