Wednesday, May 7, 2014

EXO's Overdose Album and AP Calculus Exam

So I listened to the whole EXO Overdose album and I liked to say that it just about met my expectations, but why do I not feel satisfied ? Oh my AP Calculus Exam was today also, so let me tell you how that went...
So EXO's Overdose is, like their previous albums, amazing and fun to listen to. But for some reason I wasn't really as satisfied as I was as when I got the MAMA, XOXO or Miricles in December albums. I believe this is not their best album. There are only 2 songs on there that I absolutely LOVE, but the other 3 or just meh for me. What are my top 2 you ask? Overdose and Moonlight. Moonlight has that nice slow beat. Its that type of song that I would listen in my car driving home at sunset with my windows down. Overdose, everyone heard it. I believe that its the best song on the mini album. Don't know why, I just like Overdose the best. Maybe its because I can imagine their faces and the dance in my head while listening to it.

As for the other songs, I just don't believe that they are that awesome. Now don't get it twisted, I like the songs, just not LOVE like how I have for all of EXO's other songs. Thunder reminds me of a song the Back Street Boys will sing, lol. Baekhyun's voice in this song is just daebak. But I'm confused on the rap part though. I know Chanyeol is one of the rappers but is Sehun the other one? Kai? mehh. I can say that this song is one of my favorites of the album too, but for the last 2, not so much? Run is my least favorite song. I just don't like it much. I think its suppose to be the "fun" song in the album, and it definitely is, but its just meh for me. The only thing I really like about it is that Sehun actually has a fairly long rap part. You might not think his part is lengthy but compared to his lines in other songs, this is by far the most iv heard him rap. Love Love Love ? I don't know how to feel about this song either. "Earth, Air, Water, Fire." is the only part of the song that is embedded into my memory. Just like Run, I don't have any real reason to dislike this song. 

Again, don't get me wrong, I like the album. Just not LOVE like how I did with their previous albums. I see myself only listening to Overdose, Moonlight, and Thunder. As for Run and Love Love Love, I might skip over them because I did that when I was in the car listening to it. Overall, like how I have been saying this whole time, I LIKE the album, not LOVE.

So today I also took my AP Calculus Exam. My teacher also bought us all Starbucks if we showed up there at 6:30. I was already planning on getting Starbucks but when I heard he made this plan where he would pay for it I was like HECK YES! but also like NOOOO. Yes because he was paying, but no cause I was planning on getting a Venti before he offered this to everyone. I felt bad having him pay for us so I ended up getting a Tall Green Tea Frap. instead of a Venti. Some kids, well a lot of them, got Ventis though. LOL. No guilt. so skipping to the test, I was taking the Calculus AB portion of the exam and I believe that I bombed it. LOL. Expected though, I didn't go into that room thinking that I was gona get a 5. Heck I'll be surprised if I got a 3. But some of my answers were not even one of the options. I ended up having to guess for most of the test. And I'm not exaggerating, I literally had to guess for a good portion. I had no clue what I was doing the whole time. There were some where I was like, I GOT DISSS! and others ( which was most of the time ) where I was just like FUUUUUUUU. 

The girl next to be though...she just gave up. No she gave up the beginning of the year. Shes one of those students who do not show up to school. I swore, I only saw her in class about 7 times this whole year. I asked her why she doesn't come to school too and she just says "sometimes I wake up and don't feel like going to school, so I just don't." wow...I wish I had that audacity. And when she does come to school, she sleeps. haha. So when she showed up for the AP exam, I knew she was going to blow it off. I watched her, I know creepy, but this is what happened. She opened her test, immediately began Christmas treeing, close the book, sleep. That was it. and for the FRQs. she left them all blank. All 6 FRQs blank. 

My FRQ's on the other hand. Pretty legit. I answered most of them besides one problem. Each problem has about 4 parts to them and I answered a good majority. The last problem though. ACED IT ! I knew exactly what I was doing. It was awesome, ima get a bunch of points for that one. But there was this one problem where I seriously had no clue. And another where I couldn't remember how to do it !!!! IT FRUSTRATED ME SOOOO MUCH ! Everyone knows what I mean. They all have that moment where they can't remember how to do something and then after its all over, it comes back to you. That happened.... But I seriously hope that I pass with a 3. That's all I'm asking for, a 3.

I still have 4 more AP tests to take too. My AP Literature one is tomorrow. No stress for that one. Wish me luck guys.



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