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Gradbash 2014 !!!!

Hey guys ! So on Saturday I got to go to Orlando for Gradbash !!! For those who don't know what Gradbash is, its a night where Seniors from all over the country come to Orlando, Florida to spend a night locked in Universal Studios from 7pm to 2am. Out of my 5 years of living in Florida, this was my first time at Universal Studios. It was a night to remember and I'm here to share what I did !

So I had to show up to school at 3 and from there we took attendance and checked for dress code. My school didn't allow shorts or tank tops. you know, the usual school dress code. you also couldn't wear anything with logos on it because it could cause fan wars. After that we got on the buses and drove 2 hours to Orlando. I'm lucky because I live in Florida, unlike some students who are out of state. My school took 3 yellow school buses and when we got there, I seriously felt poor cause the other schools had nice charter buses, lol. but those students were probably from far away in the state or out of state.

There was a surprising amount of people there. I didn't expect so many seniors. I just thought "oh its just reserved for seniors so there wont be that many people." I WAS WRONG. It felt like any normal day at an amusement park, maybe even worse because you are surrounded by immature teens.
Can you see the sea of people even far far away.... This is just one side of he park. I believe there were 4 other entrances, each correnated with different colors and correlated with your wrist band. My entrance was labeled yellow.

So after we got into the park we were free to do whatever we wanted until it was time to go. I lost my group in the crowd so it was only me and my friend, lol. We ended up going on the first ride we saw and that was Men in Black. They didn't allow bags so we had to get a locker for ALL of the rides, which were free for a certain amount of time like an hour or more depending on how long the wait is for the ride. Men in black was probably my least favorite of all the rides I rode. All you did was sit in a shuttle with a gun and shot aliens. occasionally the shuttle will spin you, but that was it..

Sorry for my blurry images, I was walking and taking picture at the same time cause there was no time to stop and take pictures. WE ARE ON A TIME LIMIT ! lol. So after MIB me and friend bought food and waited for my other friend because she texted me and told me she was also in MIB. We each bought a churro and water while we waited. Holy cow food is expensive.. A churro was over 3 bucks and water was over 2. So just for 2 things, I had to pay over 6 dollars. But I should have expected that because it is amusement park food, which is always over priced. We found a bench and just people watched for a while and I realized how many girls were in dress code violation. Some had their ass hanging out and wearing revealing crop tops, it was kind gross cause some shouldn't be wearing cloths like that. But the view was nice !
After a long wait my friends finally came out. Their names will not be said.. One was complaining the whole time how scary the ride was and I was just like..WHAT? I seriously didn't believe that a person could be scared of that ride, but shes that type of person that jumps when someone breaths down her neck or anything actually. anyways after that we headed towards the Mummy. The walk there blew my mind again. universal has the best scenery ever !

The wait for the Mummy was extremely long. There was a man that was giving tickets and we didn't know what they were for but it was for people that cut in line. you would get near the end of the wait and there would be a person checking your ticket number to see if you cut or not. It was amazing because a group of people cut a couple behind me and they got booted out, hahah. Oh and the one was complaining and asking question about this ride too. Okay I'm just going to rant about her. ALL OF THE RIDES WE WENT ON SHE CLUNG TO ME AND EXPRESSED HOW EXTREMELY AFRAID SHE WAS. It was no joke, she was going to cry on all the rides. I was asking her why she even bothered coming to an amusement park when she new there were roller coasters. She was putting a damper on the mood and my group even told me to stop trying to get her to ride because they were getting annoyed of her and could see I was getting pissed trying to talk her into the rides. But she ended up going on all but the last ride and realized that she was overreacting, but if she were to come back, I doubt that she would have went on roller coasters again. waste of effort on my part...

Rant over, lol but the ride was okay also. too short in my opinion and I sadly did not take picture for this ride. the next place we went to was Hogwarts. I anticipated this the most ! Harry Potter was by far my favorite part of the day. It felt like walking into the book and the 2 rides that it had were my favorites of the day. it was dark also so excuse my photos again.
Can you guys see the train !!!! ITS THE TRAIN !! I stood there for 5 minutes just staring at it. it was amazing. EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING ACTUALLY LOL. The buildings were so beautiful and when I saw Hogwarts, I flipped.

But when we got there we went on the dueling dragons roller coaster which I did not take photos of either. but I rode on the Ice dragon. next time, I'll ride fire . So after that ride we got butter beer. corrections, my group got butter beer, I didn't because its basically really sweet cream soda according to my friends, and I don't drink soda. My goal is 10 years with no soda and I'm currently going strong on my second year ! The food area looked exactly like to movie too !!!! The seats and everything was just so real. and again excuse my pictures...
After that we finally got to go to Hogwarts ! The line for this was extremely long also. It was the longest line that I had to wait in that day. but it was totally worth it. The ride that I went on was a stimulation ride where you just sit down and look at a screen. but It felt like I was in the Movie with Harry, flying around on a broom stick. It was my favorite ride of the day and if I could ride it 10 times over, I would have. Oh while waiting in the castle, they had technical difficulties so that made the line longer. We also missed the concert because we were stuck. Ne-yo and Trey Songs were performing, but we weren't going to go watch them anyways but use that opportunity for shorter lines cause everyone was going to see the concert. Too bad by the time we got out of Hogwarts the concert was long over.
HOGWARTS!!!  ahhh I was fangirling so bad, hahah. And when we got inside, the pictures actually moved and talked...asdfgjgkhllsdofisd.. *dies*
After Harry Potter we went to the candy shop and I bought 2 chocolate frogs which was a little over $10 each. I believe it was worth it, but anything was worth it for me if it was Harry Potter. Sorry I didn't take pictures inside the candy shop either but it had things like weird flavored jelly beans, pumpkin juice, chocolate wands, ect. We went to  Dr.Seuss to grab food afterwards. I got a cheeseburger with fries and a water which costs $11. My poor wallet.. my friend however found 22 dollars on the floor while we were eating, lucky him ! By the time we were done eating it was close to 1am so we had to haul ass to the Hulk because people always hype about that ride. Again, scenery was amazing, especially at night.

The wait for this line was about an hour and they gave tickets out for this ride too. and again I didn't take pictures. but it was my third favorite ride of the night, behind Harry Potter of course. The Hulk hurt my head though. my head kept bobbing around in the seat but it satisfied my need for speed because it launches you so fast in the beginning. my friend was screaming how the beginning felt like the hulk punched you out and your body just flew, and I feel like that is a very accurate description of how it felt.

After that all of the rides were closed because it was 2am and we had to get back to our buses. I had to fight against a sea of people cause my exit was across the park so I got a good last minute workout. after a long struggle I finally found my bus and we took a nice bus ride home. The teachers praised our school because we didn't violate the dress code and didn't walk around looking like whores. LOL their words, not mine. Overall the day was eventful. The only downsides was the long lines, immature teenagers who did their stupid pep rally school chants, and one person's constant paranoia.

Btw, I came home at 5am and slept until 5pm. 12 hours of needed rest. Next time I do something eventful, ill take more pictures and not have them so blurry. I'm new to this and the best camera I own is my iPhone



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