Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yellow Ribbon for Sewol and Graduation

Everyone on Twitter is posting this image of a yellow ribbon for the victims of the ferry sinking. I know my ribbon is not yellow, but its still aimed towards the event.

So the sunrise this morning was  absolutely amazing. Its so fascinating how the world can so beautiful yet horrible at the same time. The sky was so pink and purple. I DIDN'T KNOW SKIES CAN BE PURPLE ! I don't know how much it shows up in my photo either, but you can imagine.

Hmmm, it looks a bit more orange than pink and purple but, good enough. My iPhone can only capture so much, lol. Today I got my cap and gown too !!! I finally get the feeling of graduating and moving onto college. It seriously is amazing and I don't know if I should feel excited that I'm graduating or stressed that I'm now going to move on to college and face the struggles to which I call reality. I'm not in high school anymore, I'm going to go to college where everything is to my discretion. So scary...

Hmmmm, I guess that's it for the day. Nothing really productive. OH I CHANGED MY TEMPLATE! I don't know if I like it or not, so I might change it later on. I'm still such a noob at blogging but I'll eventually get it. I'm going to go watch EXO's Showtime over again, just cause I need my daily dose. *Haha get it? Get my daily dose, EXO's Overdose? Im so punny.* ....Kay Bye !


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