Sunday, May 4, 2014

I Have a New Intrest ?

So I was surfing the web yesterday and I was googling pink pastel hair and came across an image of a girl with this beautiful pink hair and was like, "wow shes so pretty I wonder how she got her hair like that?!" And when I went to go click on the image, I realized that she looked to photo shopped and perfect to be real. It was a doll..and since then, I have been obsessed .
The image above wasn't the first picture I found, I cant find the image that made me dive into this but whatever. Anyways these are called BJD or Ball Jointed Dolls. They were extremely realistic and a bit creepy, but I like creepy. All of the dolls that I have seen so far are beautiful. It makes me sorta sad cause I wish I looked like them, LOL. I think the thing that drew me into them the most was their eyes. I was most interested in their eyes which are just glass doll eyes. Its really mesmerizing.

I think this doll specifically looks like Ulzzang Baek Sumin. Doll on Left, Sumin on Right.

These pictures aren'tmine btw. Im just pulling them off google, credits to the owners.
BUT DO YOU SEE THEIR EYES !! omg... And they look crazy realistic right? its amazing and really fascinating. You see I would buy one of these dolls but they are really expensive...I was researching and some can go up to $5000. Holy cow. And the really pretty ones range around a few hundred.
 I don't see myself owning one either but just collecting their heads and eyes. Many of these owners do things called "faceups." its basically drawing on a dolls face. A doll head is like a blank canvas and you use watercolor pencils and pastels to paint on their makeup. A youtuber called Nicolle's Dreams does these faceup videos on her dolls and the transformation is so fun to watch. I also love makeup so having these doll heads and playing makeup with them sounds like a fun time.

I dont know, maybe in the future I will have a box with a bunch of doll heads. LOL. 

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Again these are not my images, all credit goes to respective owner.


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