Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I'm Back

Hello people, so its been over a month since my last update but here I am. I guess all im going to write about is my time in Kansas and California since it was a blast! Sadly I have no pictures so you're just going to have to imagine haha..

So over the summer i got to go to Kansas to spend time with my family. They live in a rich white neighborhood so their house was beautiful and large. I was jealous cause my house is pretty small but its comfy and i love it. We didnt really do much but lay around and spend time together. My cousin is ballin though, hundreds in her wallet mannn. Doing nails gives you great money. I got to do it over there for 3 days and i made $132 in tips only and my paycheck was $500. I absolutely hated it though. I never want to do nails ever again in my life. Its too much labor for me and i dont have the skills to do it properly. I know its somthing that you have to take time with to get better but i would rather work at mcdonalds and make WAAAYYY less money than do nails tbh. I hate socializing with people too because im a rather reserved and quite person. But i have no choice, my family is forcing me to do nails.....fml.

After Kansas i went to California! Finally cause i didnt get to visit the year before so i was beyond happy to come back to my home state. Nothing changed besides the walmart that is now litterally a 10 minute walk away from my house. My life was so much easier with a walmart close by haha. I got to hit up all my childhood friends and we just picked up where we left off. No one seems to understand how happy i am to just be in California. Its like all the stress leaves my body and i experience what i dont experience much in Florida which is happiness. To be able to see all my friends again, just chilling, no worries... its just great. I dont really have much friends in Florida and i dont go out because i have no one to hang with, no where to go cause everything is far away, and the weather sucks. So to be able to go out with friends again, have a social life, have everything close by and nice weather makes me so happy.

I made a lot of new friends this year too ! They were mostly my cousins co workers that i got to hang out with but they were all such kind people. I was super awkward though. When i told you that i wasnt a social person, i meant it. I literally DID NOT TALK. I mean it. I didnt talk because the topic was usually work, which i have no experience with, or drugs, which i also have no experience with. So most of the time i was silent. One of my cousins friends actually told me straight up why i never talk. They probably all thought i was mute or anti social. I just dont know what to say around them. I guess i didnt click with them or somthing, but none the less they were all such kind people. They always invited me to go places with them and took good care of me.

One of his friends took it a step further and got my number and actually took me out. I asked him why he would want to hang out with me because im always silent and awkward around the group and he said that when he knows someone is on vacation and they arent doing anything that he would MAKE them do stuff. Little did he know that I actually go out with my friends A LOT and dont come home until 3am....haha. When i told him that he almost didnt believe me because im so reserved around the group. Its just because i dont know them and im still trying to get to know people, thats why im so quite. But he hit me up and took me out to get ramen, ice cream, and a movie. He paid for everything too and absolutely would not let me pay. He said its because his dad always told him to pay for a lady.. hahahah. It was a fun day, the ramen was AWESOME. Ive never had real ramen before and it was just as great as i expected it to be. I was thinking of naruto the whole time lol. We got Afters when we were done eating and i got the jasmine milk tea flavor which is my favorite ! After that we went to go watch a movie, which we got for free cause he worked there. We watched Sex Tape which is a pretty drastic movie to watch for two people who have only hung out together 3 times. It was all good though. When the movie was done all we could do was laugh about it because it was such an awkward topic to talk about HAHA. On our way home we drove into my cousin too! We just got off the freeway and i see a car pull up to my right. When i look over its my cousin ! It was so funny.

Oh i also backed up my friends car into a tree....i was in a hurry to leave and i was backing out and didnt notice a tree there. It was my first accident EVER and i back up into a thing that isnt even moving. how, just how. Never driving someone elses car ever again. Luckily it was just a scratch but he wouldnt let me pay for it. The frustration i felt was overwhelming. However i feel like it made us a bit closer? LOL. We started hanging out a lot more after that accident.

Most of my time spent in California was spent hanging out with 3 other friends. One of which i grew up with and the other 2 which i have only met once, so it was a lot of getting to know and bonding time for the 4 of us. Since it was 2 girls and 2 guys we were kinda paired up? My friend already had a thing for one guy so me and the other just stuck together. It was almost like 3rd wheeling but not really cause i had a buddy LOL. We all got really close and spent a good majority of our weeks together. My friend would ride with her guy and I would ride with mine. I can say that I made a lot more progress and got way closer with my car buddy than my other friend HAHA. Tip to people who are trying to get to know eachother. Play 21 questions. You find out a lot about a person. Be honest cause its that type of game that stays between two people.

The next thing you know it him and i are staying out until 2am just talking and chilling on top of his trunk. Endless conversations and just enjoying eachothers company. Nights like those are ones that I would remember. We planned out our next summer plans and just talked about random crap that came to mind. We watched the stars and he corrected me about the way they shine,HAHAHA. They "twinkle" not "blink" apparently.

Bleh I would write more but Im actually getting really lazy to keep typing. Im literally typing out an essay right now. Bottom line, California makes me happy and i need to finish school faster so i can move back. I miss all my friends dearly and I hope by the time I come back we will still be as close and we still are.



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