Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lee Jongsuk, Take Me...

Ci Ci Tv posted something that should be considered porn. 

Let me introduce you to Lee Jongsuk. 
Haha, so again I was surfing around youtube and I always end up watching cute Korean boys. Lol thats like 90% of my time on the internet. I can't help it. Korean boys seriously are gorgeous. Well CiCi Tv posted a little montage on Lee Jongsuk on their youtube channel about 3 days ago.  If you don't know who Lee Jongsuk is then you probably have not watched the drama School 2013. That was the drama that I discovered him and Kim Woo Bin in. Back to Jongsuk, this video was too sexy for my poor innocent eyes. No im just joking of course. But it was sexy...very sexy.

And im here to share the nice stills I got ! I'd like to say I got some pretty nice stills of him. only the really hot ones though....well if I was going to get ALL of the hot stills, I might as well just post the video in this diary entry cause he was hot the whole time. LOL. Uggg, this boy...I need boys like him at my school.

Ready to be teased ?




You're welcome.



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