Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dedicated to Sewol

I feel like its been 3 days since I heard about the Sewol Ferry sinking. I first heard about it through Brian Joo on twitter and I have been going back and forth since, just keeping tabs of everything. It seriously does not look good and I sadly have no more hope... sorry for being pessimistic, but I doubt there are going to be anymore survivors. I admit though, I do have a little sliver of hope. I truly do wish that there will be some survivors living off an air bubble in the ship, but I wont get my hopes up. When I first checked the death toll it was 8 people, now 3 days later, its 30 with the same amount of people rescued since day one.

Just reading about the ferry breaks my heart, I cant imagine what the parents are going through. The majority of the people on the ship were high school students on a field trip to Jeju. The fact that they were just high school students hits home for me, just knowing that those kids are around my age and thinking about what they had to go through seriously aches my heart. Also about the vice principal who committed suicide, I don't know how to feel about that. Shock ? From what I heard, he felt guilty saving himself instead of the kids and asks for his ashes to be spread on the sinking site so he can watch over them.

I also applaud all the kpop fans out there. Fangroups  have been sending supplies in the names of their favorite Kpop group out to the families and friends waiting for their loved ones to come back. All shows, concerts, fan signs, and comebacks have been canceled and delayed in respect for the tragedy too. But there have been some angry fans out there, specifically for EXO. I'm not hating on EXO right now, im a fan, but I seriously cannot fathom how they are so eager for Overdose in a time like this. The country is mourning and all you want is a song? My blood is boiling.

But for all the parents, friends, and everyone affected by this tragedy, stay strong. Stay strong for me too, because my heart cant take this. And for those who perished, rest in peace and may your beautiful souls fly safely to heaven .

마음이 너무 아프네요…..


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